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Goals and Visions Unlimited (III).

By David Cameron Gikandi -.

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3)- Get cuttings from magazines, brochures, the Internet, photographs, etc, of the items in your goals and stick them in your journal. Start a goals and visualizations journal on paper or computer.

In it, place pictures of the things you wish to have - cars, stocks, buildings, boats, land, travel, clothes, or anything else. Refer to it often - twice a day is highly recommended.

The more real and detailed your visualization and imagination is, the faster and more accurately you will realize your goals. Pictures are very important to have in your life.

4)- Everyday, read your list, look at your pictures, and then spend at least 20 minutes twice a day imagining, animating, and visualizing in detail all your goals. If you meditate, and it is highly recommended that you do your goal visualization, do your goals visualization in meditation as well.

Meditation puts you closest to The Source, the best place you can be to plant your seed of visions into the field of infinite possibilities and creation.

5)- Then, Here, Now, do something that takes you closer to your goal. There is always something to do now, however small. It will open the next step to you, a step that may be unseen until that first act is taken.

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