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Goals and Visions Unlimited (IV).

By David Cameron Gikandi -.

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Every act is an act of self-definition and creation. Act deliberately and with awareness so that each act takes you closer to your goals, not further. Act with purpose.

6)- Do everything with gratitude. Think, speak and act with gratitude, the gratitude of knowing you are guaranteed success if you act in the ways of these laws. Gratitude is a statement of certainty. That is power. Be genuinely grateful and excited about the fact that you already have your goals realized, for they will be by universal law, guaranteed, and so they are. This type of gratitude works wonders.

7)- Enjoy your fruits, enjoy experiencing your goals when they manifest into your reality! They are sure to do so, guaranteed by universal law. The reason they are guaranteed is that every moment of your life is created by your mind (and in a lesser extent the collective minds of people around you).

Your life is images of your mind, expressed, translated and crystallized into form. You are literally the source of your life, although it may not appear so especially if you are not present and aware of your daily thoughts, worries, desires and beliefs. Most people are unconscious and engulfed in their mind in one huge day dream. Wake up and watch yourself!

'I Am....' 'I Am....' No matter what you are trying to create next in your life, find a way of putting it into 'I Am'. For example if you wish to loose weight, do not think or say 'I will loose 10 pounds'or 'I want to loose 10 pounds'.

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