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Goals and Visions Unlimited (V).

By David Cameron Gikandi -.

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Instead say, think and write 'I am x pounds now'. Do the same with wealth. The only time that exists in the universe, scientifically and spiritually, is Now. Hence I Am'.

Do not worry how your goals will be fulfilled. There are powerful forces at work in all of nature, with infinite intelligence and coordination. Things, people, books, places, TV shows, movies, etc, will start appearing and helping you to achieve your goals. In other words, 'coincidences' will happen. Simply visualize your goals believingly.

The trick is in the details and in consistency. For example, if having a new home is a goal you have, write it down in detail. Write down where the house is located, how many rooms it has, the size of the compound, the size of the home, the furnishings in it, and so on. Then visualize it that way.

And do not change your mind - this is very important. Understand that the universe is in activity manifesting into physical form all your thoughts.

Every single one of them turns into some amount of physical form somehow and somewhere. If you change your mind, you will be undoing your work. Just hold your thought until it become fully physical.

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