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Have You Hugged Your Guru Today? (I).

By Rick Benenteau.

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Strange title for an article, don't you think? But it did get your attention, and I want to hold it because I have something very important I want you to read, so please let me explain 'why' I chose this title.

I dislike the term 'guru', at least when it's applied loosely, as it is on the Internet. I've never thought of, or called myself a guru, but I'm referred to one pretty often. So are a lot of other internet marketers.

My article is not about 'gurudom' though. It's about the responsibility to those people who hold us in high enough regard to think of us as a guru, or an expert, or just someone who can help them along their way, and ask for our help.

Allow me to share a thought from my upcoming print book: 'Our mission in life is to better the lives of others. In doing so, our life is made better.'

If you find yourself in the position where people are asking for your expertise and help, there can only be 2 reasons for it:

1)- You are the Real McCoy and people trust that you can offer genuine and helpful advice and assistance, or

2)- You've done a pretty good job of pretending to be the above.

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