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Have You Hugged Your Guru Today? (II).

By Rick Benenteau.

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Hopefully you fall into the category of the former.

Now, you really have only 2 choices when someone does ask for your help:

1)- You can make an honest effort to lend a helping hand, or

2)- You can ignore their request, or, perhaps try to sell them the latest, greatest product that will solve their problem and make some money in the process.

This article would not exist had it not been for a rather lengthy and heartwrenching email I received the other day.

It came from a customer of mine, now a friend, who has been struggling the past few months trying to make a go of it in the internet marketing arena. Very tough assignment as a newcomer in this post-September 11 economy especially in light of all the marketing products flooding cyberspace these days!

What was remarkable about his take on things was his statement that of all the 'guru's' that he had purchased products from (most of which promised additional help after the purchase), and had requested some simple guidance from, I was the 'only' person who ever responded. More than a couple of times as I recall. What a sad state of affairs in my opinion!

See, I made a vow when I began to notice (uncomfortably) this guru phenomena that I would do my very best to help anyone who felt I could help, and asked me for it. To me anyway, it's not only an honor and a privilege, but a duty.

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