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Have You Hugged Your Guru Today? (III).

By Rick Benenteau.

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To this day, I believe I have lived up to that pledge (and much to the once- in-a-while dismay of my family members who understandably grumble about the endless hours I spend answering email:-)

As I did with my former pre-Internet mainstreet business, my inner heart tells me this IS the way that I need to continue to do business online. Why?

I can tell you in no uncertain terms that this philosophy is largely responsible for the success I have enjoyed for the past 4 years, while so many are struggling or have failed on the Internet. You must have come across countless success stories of 'real' gurus who have achieved massive fame and/or wealth from simply focusing on the needs of, and helping, others.

Giving=Receiving is really one of the few great laws of this wonderful universe!

Having said that, there is usually a yang for every yin, right? And here's that side of things.

'Some' people will try to abuse your giving spirit and attempt to dominate your time, as if it was their God-given 'right'.

You must be able to recognize when you're being taken advantage of and then politely say, like I do, something like 'the clock will have to start ticking now and my consulting rate is $495.00 per hour.':-) You'll see how quickly the conversation stops!

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