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Have You Hugged Your Guru Today? (IV).

By Rick Benenteau.

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There will be others who are simply 'takers', that will not even acknowledge, let alone thank you for your help. Weeks ago, I spent over an hour (on a Sunday nonetheless) doing some research and responding in-depth to a very difficult question (this should really have been a consultation!) that was posed to me by someone in seemingly dire circumstances.

Sent the email twice (again a week later/neither bounced) because I sensed the importance of a resolution for this person and didn't want to take the chance they overlooked it. Not a hi, hello or how are you from them since.

I've never expected any kind of 'award' for efforts like this, but a nice email from someone stating they are appreciative of your efforts is always a nice little 'reward'. Sometimes the reward can come in the form of a high quality fruit-and- truffles package that arrives every Christmas without fail from a wonderful couple I helped just one time a few year ago!

But neither thankless or intrusive people should ever have the power to make us stop helping those who need our help. It goes with the territory of being in a position to influence and even lead, a position quite frankly, we should be very grateful to be in.

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