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Have You Hugged Your Guru Today? (V).

By Rick Benenteau.

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My advice is simple, but not always easy to follow through on. If you find yourself in the fortunate position where people think enough about what you have to offer that they will ask you for help, then make the same vow I did. Help them. Every last one of them!

In cyber-terms, Sell a MEG but Give a GIG. It will surely help others, but in the end, it will help YOU even more!

2002 Rick Beneteau

Discover answers to your most perplexing personal and business problems. Learn the simple secrets that allow success, happiness and wealth to flow into Your Life. The World's Top Leaders in Self-Development and Wealth Building are waiting for You in Rick Beneteau's Brand New Community,! Rick even stopped publishing his popular, money-making ezine The Mirror to put this together!

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