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Money: An illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else (III).

By David Cameron Gikandi.

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The last time people stopped believing in it in a large enough extent was just before the Great Depression when large numbers of people rushed to their banks to withdraw their money and found that they could not all get it. This is not what caused the Great Depression, but it in a large way accelerated it.

So, money is not real ≠ something else is. Money is just the shadow of that other something. The first step to wealth and success in your business and life is to know what money really is, or more accurately, what it represents. Learn not to look at the money most of the time.

As you will soon see, it is very rare in a day that you should ever look at money as you know it today ≠ the cash, the bank accounts, the costs, etc. This is merely the shadow and not the real thing. Looking at the shadow, the physical money, as you will soon see, is most of the time very unwise and unhealthy for you and your finances.

Look, instead, at the value within you and within people, and the flowing and exchanging of this value between people. Our internal value, is what creates money. Money is the shadow of our internal value. Develop this internal value in yourself and in others and your external money and wealth will correspondingly rise automatically, without fail.

Know this however: Money represents an aspect of a personís internal value, but that does not mean that it represents a personís entire internal value. That is very important. It is not about successself-worth. Money only represents an aspect of that internal value that pertains to wealth.

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