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Money: An illusion, A Shadow Of Something Else (VII).

By David Cameron Gikandi.

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Havenít you ever noticed that the things you think about most are the ones that surround your life? Your worries, the things you believe in most, the things you think about most, are what make up your life. Your life is images of your mind, expressed. The world resolves itself to what you believe most.

Wealth Consciousness involves success understanding how the world works, how every new moment is created by you and everyone else, how to Think Right, how to Be Right, and what You are, what the Universe is, and the Laws that keep everything running perfectly.

Once you put all those together, you shall be a conscious rather than an unconscious designer of your life. If you wish to learn more about all this, see the free downloadable ebook called A Happy Pocket Full of Money at I wish you all the very best.

Article written by David Cameron Gikandi, author of A Happy Pocket Full of Money: Your Quantum Leap into the Understanding, Having and Enjoying of Immense Wealth and Happiness. He is also the CEO of and Co-CEO of You may download a free edition of A Happy Pocket Full of Money at

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