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Mount 42 (I).

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Mount 42 (1.830 m.) has been christened as such because its summit lies exactly at 42 degrees, on the southern hemisphere.

Aside from this casual fact, the mountain is found exactly at the international border between Argentina and Chile.

From a historical point of view, it is to be noted that Antoine I, King of Araucania and Patagonia established in the region a true state in 1854 - despite the fact that Argentineans and Chileans may scorn at the fact - and that Mount 42 was an important tripartite point along the demarcated line.

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
Lake Los Rizos during the afternoon; view to the east.

King Antoine I started his adventure in what is now part of Chile. There, Indian chieftains actually elected him as their king, and this Frenchman then declared that all lands on the western side of the Andes, and down from the 42nd parallel were part of his kingdom.

This turned Mount 42, in fact, into a tripartite border landmark, for it lies at what constitutes the natural border between Argentina and Chile. There, the most common way to determine to whom a given piece of land belongs is to consider where the water from glaciers goes from: if a water stream goes eastwards, then the land is Argentinean, and if it goes westwards, it is Chilean, and the fact is that in Mount 42, both things happen.

A couple of months later, the eastern chieftains also agreed to have Antoine I as their leader, and so, Mount 42 ceased being a tripartite border point and became just another place along the 42nd parallel.

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
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