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Mount 42 (II).

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However, for King Antoine I, Mount 42 was not a practical issue, because his ill-fated kingdom fell soon afterwards and no explorers visited it. The border had been delineated just in a map, an with no real survey whatsoever.

Interestingly enough, on the Argentinean side, the 42nd parallel still is a border: Río Negro province lies at the north of this line, and the province of Chubut lies at the south, and this parallel is considered to be the line that divides them.

Mount 42 is located in the Blanco region. Access is generally difficult, and the area has not been explored except by us. Its limits and neighbouring landmarks are:

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
Mount 42 as seen from Lake Tres Islas. View to the northeast.

1)- To the north, Mount Serrucho and the Anti - Blanco valley.

2)- To the west, the Anti - Blanco.

3)- To the south, Lake Tres Islas and Mount Weichert.

4)- To the east, the Southern Blanco Valley.

This mountain is not actually a difficult one for climbers. Camping on Lake Los Rizos, or staying at the shelter that we constructed a few years ago there makes it possible to visit it in an afternoon.

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
Mount 42 as seen from Lake Los Rizos. View to the northwest.

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