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Mount 42 (III).

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Ascent to the summit of Mount 42 should begin at Lago Tres Islas. There is a rock formation on the mountain's southern face that resembles a chimney. It lies almost exactly at the international border, and it makes a good way upwards. Another possibility are the small canyons lying on the occidental side of Mount 42.

The mountain offers a very nice view of all its surroundings and particularly, of the farthest and highest part of the Blanco valley system, on the Argentinean side, and of the Anti - Blanco, in Chile.

An interesting landmark of this area lies to the north, very near this mountain: the pass between Mount 42 and Mount Serrucho.

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
The pass to Mount Serrucho, image taken from Mount 42, western face.

Climbing your way down to this pass, coming from Mount 42 is possible, albeit complicated. The pass is not really transitable, and on Mount Serrucho's northern face there are significant walls that must be climbed in order to reach the mountain.

Four hundred metres is the difference between Mount 42's summit and the bottom of the pass; while the difference between it and Lago Tres Islas is about a hundred metres. Thus, it makes more sense, in order to actually reach the pass, to go around Mount 42 instead of climbing it, and the best way to do so is by going firstly to the west, and then to the north.

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
Another picture of the pass to Mount Serrucho and the Southern Blanco.

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