P. Edronkin

Mount 42 (IV).

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On this way there is not much water, but a lot of vegetation. From the pass it is possible to appreciate the impressive rock walls carved by the Anti - Blanco River, which is born a few metres above, on two small lakes formed by Mount serrucho's glacier, which also gives birth to the third originating stream of the Southern Blanco River.

We believe that we were not the first ones to actually reach the summit of Mount 42, for we found a can of food there, where - we believe - the first explorer in the area left some kind of message. The can was almost destroyed, however, so no message and no name could be found.

Thus, when we first reached this particular peak, we decided to call it 42 because of its location.

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
Mount Roca del Tiempo, as seen from Mount 42.

Besides, we found the remains of a camping place near the lake during the year 2000. What is remarkable is that when we first reached the area in 1999 and explored the lake, we found nothing, so we suppose that those who visited Mount 42 ostensibly for the first time should have come during 1999, in-between our expeditions.

Mount 42 is particularly important as la landmark within the context of our efforts to explore the whole Blanco region because its summit is an excellent observation point from where all characteristics of the surrounding valleys can be seen.

From there, for example, we have obtained the best pictures so far of the intriguing 'Blanco Tube', a peculiar rock formation that lies at the very beginning of the Southern Blanco River, and which resembles a tube or very deep and narrow canyon.

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
Mount Serrucho, as seen from Mount 42.

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