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Mount 42 (V).

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In fact, from Mount 42, a whole section of the Blanco river and its valley, which otherwise is invisible to visitors of the area, can be seen from the summit of this modest peak.

Something similar happens with the stream of water that falls from Lake Los Rizos to the Blanco Valley, which cannot be observed from anywhere else.

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
Lake Tres Islas as seen from Mount 42.

The importance of this is that being able to reach Mount 42 in order to make such observations seriously improves our planning capability because we are able to learn more about places that we intend to explore in the future, thus allowing us to prepare our expeditions better.

So, despite the fact that Mount 42 is not a complex mountain, it is very relevant for our efforts regarding the exploration of the whole Blanco region

Mount 42, Patagonia, Argentina - Chile.
View to the south from Mount 42.

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