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Mount Serrucho (I).

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Mount Serrucho (1.946 m.) is found to the west of Mount Roca del Tiempo and this mountain whose name is translated into English as 'Jigsaw' is also one of the spots that marks the difference or division between the various Blanco sub valleys. To its south, the Southern Blanco lies, and to the north, the Central Valley.

This is an international peak. The eastern side of Mount Serrucho is part of Argentina, while the west is Chile.

Access is simpler coming from the west, where the lakes that form the Puelo lacustre system have originated an ample valley, that coming from the east, where the abrupt Blanco Valley lies.

the Blanco Valley, Patagonia, Argentina.
Mount Serruch, as seen from Mount 42.

The neighbouring landmarks that surround Mount Serrucho are:

1)- To the north, two mountain passes corresponding to the Middle or Central Blanco, and to the Northern or Superior valley, divided by an unnamed peak. Farther away lies Mount Raquel, with its important glacier.

2)- To the west, Lake Las Rocas and Lake Azul.

3)- To the south, Mount 42.

5)- To the east, Mount Roca del Tiempo.

the Blanco Valley, Patagonia, Argentina.
Another view of Moutn Serruch and one of its lakes.

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