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Mount Serrucho (II).

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Definitely, access from the west is easier than from any other point in this part of Patagonia, however, it is also possible to do so.

Mount Serrucho has an interesting middle - sized glacier that feeds two small mountain lakes from which two water streams fall to the south, contributing to the Anti - Blanco River than finally ends at Lake Las Rocas.

The Anti - Blanco river originates in two main points and it has a shape resembling an 'Y'. One of the arms is found somewhat to the south, at Mount Aguja Norte. The northern arm corresponds to Mount Serrucho.

the Blanco Valley, Patagonia, Argentina.
View of the eastern side of Mout Serrucho and the Blanco.

Besides, this glacier also feeds the third water stream that gives birth to the Southern Blanco River, along with Lake Los Rizos and Lake Tres Islas.

On its southern face, Mount Serrucho has some important vertical walls. The inclination on the north and west faces is significantly lesser. On the east, the slope has less inclination than on the south, but it is also impracticable because of the dense vegetation that covers the Southern Blanco Valley.

The summit of Mount Serrucho is clearly a dominant point. From there it is possible to control the whole extension of the Blanco region and its three valleys and rivers, and at the same time, great parts of the Anti - Blanco and Puelo systems are also on sight.

the Blanco Valley, Patagonia, Argentina.
Three explorers near the Anti - Blanco pass. View to the north.

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