P. Edronkin

Mount Serrucho (III).

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The nearest cabins or shelters that we have built near this mountain are at:

5)- Lake Tres Islas.

6)- Lake Los Rizos.

This configuration is depending from our exploration strategy in the region, since we are advancing on the Blanco region from the south. It would also be possible to enter the area from the north, albeit the way would be much longer, passing Mount Alicia and Mout Entre Lagos before descending into the valleys.

the Blanco Valley, Patagonia, Argentina.
A view of the deep Anti - Blanco Valley.

The installation of a new shelter or cabin on Mount Serrucho is a possibility that we are currently analysing. The biggest problem for us is how to go thorough the pass formed between Mount 42 and Mount Serrucho, which is - to say the least - rather complicated.

If installed, such a shelter would open the doors for the exploration of all components and sections of the Blanco region because access from the west is easier than access from the east, and from Mount Serrucho, all expeditions going further into the valleys would go down and eastwards.

the Blanco Valley, Patagonia, Argentina.
Another view of the Anti - Blanco.

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