Don Pablo Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (II).

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Unless we do this, change or views of the world and consequently, achieve a change in the global strategy of our governments, this problem will continue, and we, the common citizens will always be more exposed to the consequences of such errors made by our leaders, for they will always enjoy more protection than what we could achieve.

Political leaders have bodyguards, we don't. Governments have armies; we don't. So it is in the real interest of the common people to leave aside all forms of - sometimes - false patriotism and start looking at the problem with a critical eye. Osama Ben Laden is a monster, but we have created him.

Today, instead of armies and priests attempting to 'convince' the peoples of newly conquered lands we are witnessing a cross-breeding of cultures which may be seen with resentment by some.

Resentment already existed at the time of Tupac Amaru, and revolts, riots and revolutions did indeed take place in the past colonies, but at that time, empires where somewhat more protected than today because distance and the time that it took to travel from one place to another served as natural barriers against violent opposition in the homeland.

Today, any crook trying to blow up a school halfway around the world needs only to take a plane and travel a few hours to reach his destination.

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