P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (III).

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The proliferation of western-like political and economic regimes and a lack of self-critique from the 'successful' groups of power is part of the phenomenon known almost as a cliché and called 'globalisation', which is commonly considered as a good thing, and here lies a good part of the problem.

In TV networks, newspapers and the media in general, we constantly see people talking about this issue. Many are promising great benefits from a global economy, the 'international community' and other global concepts.

But most of the time we are witnessing or reading the ideas of people belonging to just one or two fields of work, for almost always, the individuals expressing such ideas are economists, and perhaps politicians as well, which have a direct and immediate interest in the matter.

Some days ago I was watching CNN's financial news, and there was an interview with a market analyst who was talking about the value decrease of Brazil's bonds. He said that this marked decrease was caused by the incoming general elections in the South American country, where Jose Ignacio da Silva, or 'Lula', a long-time populist politician was proving to be the favourite candidate.

The analyst then began talking about Brazil and 'what Brazilians want', in his words. He mentioned that voters there want economic growth, a low dollar, foreign investments, etc. being of course, all these words very dear to businesspeople all around the world.

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