P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (IV).

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However, I began to wonder if this man has ever been to Brazil or South America in general. I do, for I have a Polish and an Argentine passport, and in fact I have been many times in Brazil.

If you go to Brazil, or any South American country for that matter, you will find striking contrasts of progress and poverty. In Brazil there is a large number of people who live in poverty. These Brazilian citizens do vote, but do you think that such people would be worried about 'foreign investment' or the value of Brazilian bonds?

What about health, education, crime? All these issues are much closer to the reality of any South American citizen than anything that this market analyst portrayed as 'important' for this people. He did not mention any one of them during the interview, and since it was CNN the media company showing the news, indeed, the points of view of this man and his superficial analysis - to say the least - could be listened by tens of millions of people who now may believe that Brazilians are worried more than anything else by financial market issues.

The result is simple: people outside the region are being misinformed, and after something nasty happens everyone is left wondering why, while the truth of the matter has always been openly accessible.

Today we seldom hear the points of view of labour union leaders, military officers, sociologists or the public opinion itself. The 'market' is in vogue much as military uniforms were after WWI. Just look at some pictures of that time: Not only in Germany political organisations became addicted to military fashion.

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