P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (V).

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Globalisation means contact, but this is a concept as vague as 'goodness' was in the mouths of the first Christians, and we know what has been done in the name of God and goodness during centuries. The general idea of being good to others remained a great one, but it proved to behave as what logicians know as an 'apparent agreement'.

Apparent agreements are issues about which many individuals seem to agree, but regarding which in essence, they do not. We can remember the 'Socialist republics' of the communist block that existed during the second half of the twentieth century. These constitute great examples of the concept of an apparent agreement.

Indeed, they were called republics, much as many western-block countries. West Germany was the 'Bundesrepublik Deutschland', and East Germans were citizens of the 'Deutsche Demokratische Republik'. Both countries had similar names and pretended to be republics, but for the sake of their citizens, they were remarkably different, indeed.

You can read more about apparent agreements on the book 'Introduction to Logic' written by E. Copi. In fact, I recommend you to read this book because you will find there a lot concerning the way in which we think, how we get deceived by the use of persuasive lies, how they work, and how to think rationally.

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