P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (VI).

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All evidence regarding how the concept of a global community is interpreted indicates just one thing: that today, the concept of globalisation is yet immaturely seen only from the very narrow point of view of economy and finances, and since it is a social and environmental issue at a grand scale, and many times financial arguments clash with the real interests of the many, this is in the long run, a recipe for trouble.

Don't confuse things: I am not an anti-business or radical person myself. In fact, I have a pretty large personal capital. I am not writing this article from the point of view of a loser; instead, the quest for riches that I decided that my life would be, one evening in Punta Arenas, Chile, has indeed worked so far, and thirteen years later I am seeing the fruits of my work.

But I have discovered that while the desire for a better life that humans feel, too often becomes superficial, short-termed, and full of greed, while in reality, becoming a millionaire is not important really for the money that you might enjoy, but for the person that you become in the process.

Too often, I am afraid, the quest for riches becomes poisonous, and this venom not only destroys you but also the fellow human beings on which you think you have to step on to reach your goals.

This is the way to live a fruitful life. Believe me, for I am talking based on my own experience. Wanting to live better is as legitimate as breathing. It is part of our nature.

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