P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (VII).

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However, when you are dealing with power you have to be careful with yourself more than with your adversaries; this applies both at the personal level, as well as at the scale of entire nations, and the fact is that most western political powers, and nowadays the United States, fall into this trap, and nothing good will come in the end.

Some may object that someone like me writes about these issues in this fashion. Some have told me that I should give away all my money if I truly believe that capitalism is wrong. Well, aside from the fact that indeed, I have given away a good part of my capital, I should add that two wrong things never do a right one, and 'au contraire', if many claim that the rich, successful and powerful should become aware of what they are doing and the consequences of such actions, they should feel happy at the fact that I am describing my points of view.

As a second answer, I should add that there should be no reason to make others renounce to their fortunes unless there is good cause justified on the fact that such property would have been acquired by means of villany, as Macchiavelli would say, and what I got was legitimate and at my own peril, in Patagonia, and by study.

Studying and learning constitute the basis for anything worth in human development, even if some pieces of knowledge may seem to be out of touch with reality, sometimes.

For example, I can fluently speak Spanish, English, German, Polish and Latin, and a little bit of Zulu and Norwegian. Indeed I do understand other Latin languages such as French, Portuguese and Italian, and my next pet project is Aramaic. I believe that learning languages is far more important than any form of marketing, and the only hard ones, really, are your second or third new speaks. The next ones come fairly easy.

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