P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XI).

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Pretending that your country may have national interests around the globe, in different continents and among other cultures is plainly wrong. That's just trespassing and locals usually don't like that. If your country pretends to have global power, then you should not complain about the consequences, because they could hardly be surprising.

And remember that 'superpower' is just an euphemism that replaces 'empire' as the describing word.

That's democracy, and not just believing that everyone would be happy with a can of beer and a new car.

Some things need correction: just look at debt-ridden South American countries such as Argentina and Brazil, mismanaged, corrupted, and underdeveloped in many respects. When the sad events of September 11th took place, many South Americans felt very sorry for New Yorkers, but then Mr. Paul O'Neal - the U.S Secretary of the Treasury -, regarding the argentine economic crisis said something true but rather out of place considering the circumstances.

He said that U.S. citizens should not pay for the mistakes of Argentineans, and that his government would not assist Argentina any more with such problems.

In my opinion, he was right, and the whole world should be run in a better way. Many governments act like the argentine, dilapidating resources, allowing corruption, etc. but almost immediately, many South Americans began wondering if - given the new U.S. policies towards them - they should support their northern neighbours in things such as the war against terrorism, anti-drug campaigns and such things.

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