P. Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XII).

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Why should Colombian soldiers die, watching their own entrails fly thorough the air while kids in the U.S find it cool to smoke a joint? Why should Argentina support with her diplomacy the North American points of view regarding Cuba? Why should Venezuelans accept U.S. policies regarding oil production? Why on heck should Latin Americans feel sorry about a terrorist attack in the U.S.A. when this country took part, intervened or supported local crooks on almost every little dirty war on the sub continent? After all, Latin Americans have seen their own toll of deaths, and many corpses had M-16 bullet holes.

The United States will not be really morally entitled to speak about human rights until some of its leaders like Mr. Kissinger, at least dare to stand in front of an international court to answer questions about some dark spots in their record, and please note that this is not to presume that they are guilty, but equal to other humans in front of the law.

Why should Latin Americans love the U.S.A. globalisation and western institutions considering the way in which they are being treated?

And what about European governments? Well, more than ever before, Latin Americans believe that the European commitment to human rights its directly proportional to the proximity of elections within the Union, but when given the chance and thorough international organisms, these 'self-proclaimed moral leaders' act in a rather different fashion. Just look at what a Nobel Prize winner has to say about the issue, by reading this article published in the Washington Post.

Europans obviously have a significant bearing on the policies of the IMF and internationa organisms (Have you read the article? If not, please do so). My opinion is that, considering the facts of WWII and such comments which prove what they are up to now, half a century later, we can disregard Europe completely as to what concerns human rights and social development. European goverments simply have no moral authority to teach anyone.

These nationalistic, cruel and often cynical phrases and concepts are being heard more and more often in Latin America, a region where the common populations has benefited little from globalisation, market deregulation and such things.

Clearly, these countries should begin to solve their own problems at last, but Latin Americans are as right as Mr O'Neal in their perspective regarding the relationship between their countries and the United States, for you either collaborate with each other or you don't, but you cannot expect to receive in exchange for nothing, and you cannot step into somebody else's toes without expecting trouble.

If the U.S. and European governments expect serious and adult deals with Latin Americans, Arabs, Asians and peoples of the so-called 'Third World', they should not pay their bills, indeed, but also, North Americans should behave in a more constructive way designed to create mutual trust, and not just following short sighted 'national interests', for people in troubled countries may be disorganised, but they are not as foolish as some would like to believe, and facts such as the myriad of terrorist attacks that we are witnessing prove that thye can also be ruthless.

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