Don Pablo Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XIV).

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When the terrorist attack of September 11th, 2001 on the World Trade Center took place, everyone thought about the evilness of Mr. Ben Laden.

He is indeed a monster, for anyone who plans for murder on such a grand scale cannot even be put on the same level as serial killers, and there is no excuse which may justify such an act, but in some respects, the international community, and especially the citizens of the United States are behaving in a way which would eventually produce new attacks, and would not solve the problem at all.

No one has stopped to think that Mr. Ben Laden did not just pop into this world for no apparent reason. He was trained and financed by no one less than the CIA, and he capitalised on his money, the resentment towards western civilisation and very specifically, against the United States among Muslim circles, and of course, began using his money to perpetrate such barbarous deeds.

Today, in May 2002, the 'international community' has invaded Afghanistan and apparently, the Taliban regime which supported Mr. Ben Laden has been overthrown. Now, a regular Afghan army is being trained, money is being put into the land, and soldiers seem to be just cleaning the land of some residual focii of resistance.

The thing seems calm, and everyone subconsciously thinks that Afghanistan has now a future, and things could only improve just because Afghans are apparently welcoming what we, westerners, perceive as the best economic, political and social ideas.

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