Don Pablo Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XV).

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My grandfather spent some time among Afghans few decades ago, and for what I know, they are very weary about foreign things. So, the western viewpoints about Afghanistan may indeed prove to be incorrect; it is just a matter of time, because you can't expect to change a culture of ancient revenge and goats with Japanese TV sets. Westerners are living thorough a honeymoon with Afghans, but let's see what happens next.

What then?

On the other hand, the most sophisticated army in the world, aided by space-age technology and a dozen first-rate allied countries has proved to be unable to locate a single deranged and physically ill and frail man for more than half a year.

Thus, thinking that the job is finished could not be more wrong, for anyone who knows even a little bit about guerrilla and terrorist warfare knows that unless the general conditions that caused the growth of terrorist cells or guerrilla armies are substantially changed, they will eventually grow again, and since the very person who know how to do it and enjoys no scruples in order to kill is still alive - and he is smart indeed - sooner or later we will wake up very bitterly. The dice are rolling, whether we like that or not.

Changing the general conditions of this framework imply that the western world and very especially the United States of America must change its attitude towards some issues, and since there has not even been a glimpse of self-critique on this matter since last September, there could be no room for optimism.

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