Don Pablo Edronkin

Thoughts on September 11th (XVI).

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Face it: people like Mr. Ben Laden appear not only because fanaticism is now in vogue in some parts of the world, but because the quest for 'global interests' (in other words, greed), 'asset protection' and the 'opening' of new markets, all of which seems great from the point of view of Wall Street, is being seen with increasing resentment by many people, some of which may be sociopaths and start doing things such as terrorist attacks.

Capitalism is very nice for those who enjoy the benefits, but it would be rather sad that in the end, the main reason to remember the U.S would ultimately be something as superficial as filling your pockets.

Face it: the biggest menaces of the post- Second World War world, and some of the most ruthless dictators in history have been created directly by the Unites states and its allies, or have evolved as a direct consequence of their policies.

Osama Ben Laden and Manuel Noriega have been trained and supplied by the CIA. Pinochet, Videla and other South American dictators got direct backup from the U.S. government at their time.

The Ayatollah Khomeini appeared as a reaction to the ruthlessness of the Shah of Iran, a man who had the direct support of the United States. Fidel Castro, their most-beloved enemy, is a direct consequence of the regime of Fulgencio Batista, the Nicaraguan Sandinistas appeared because of the hatred that many felt towards the Somoza regime, which was sponsored and maintained by the United States government as well, not to mention Mr. Saddam Hussein, who got the backup of western democracies in the form of weapons such as Mirage fighters and Exocet missiles in order to oppose the Khomeini regime of neighbouring Iran.

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