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'It takes less time to do things right that to explain why you did it wrong.'

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

A lot has been written about the good and bad things of loans. They form part of our everyday life, don't they. We buy houses, we travel, we purchase groceries with credit cards and we even brag about them as if they were some sort of status symbols. Wiser that thant would be to play at a casino in order to make some money, if you are willing to gamble on debt.

But loans mean debts, and debts mean obligations and risks. Thus, as social life becomes more related to loans and - in other words - make you dependant on the will of the private bureaucracy of banks, your put more and more your future in jeopardy, you get into more risks and you even diminish your freedom.

And this happens not because loans may be good for an economy from the standpoint of statespeople, but because of the greed, lack of prevision and desire for instant satisfaction with no effort of the common citizen.

We are so accustomed to loans that suggesting that they may not be so good after all may sound like heresy. Anyone supporting such a notion - according to common points of view - might be someone like the Una bomber, an outcasts of society, a hippie, an anarchist or something like that.

But the assumption that loans will be paid and could be paid is depending on many other assumptions, and making them entails taking risks with a system where failure is inherent, as well as limiting your personal freedom.

A person who bought a house and a car may be settled, but that person will also be prisoner of circumstances. He or she will have to pay those financial obligations, and meanwhile, other things will have to wait.

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