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Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (II).

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Too bad that only a couple of generations ago, our grandparents did not get loans to build their houses: they did that themselves, and too bad that our modern system is depending on the assumption that everything will be Ok. tomorrow, for if not, nobody would lend money, and nobody would be willing to become debtors. Trust is at the base of our modern lifestyle but, can we trust trust alone? Loans may be good for the economy; that's true, but even on the best-managed economy there are some risks, and it is needlessly hazardous to take loans to a level where individual persons attempt to shape their lives based on them.

And then there is corruption...

Considering the magnitude of modern corporations and states, you don't need to have hordes of rampantly corrupted officials and businesspeople to actually cause some pretty good damage: An executive, a senator or even a president, well place indeed, are sometimes enough.

You may be thinking: 'It can't happen here.'

Yes, it can't, can't it? September 11th never occurred as well...

As a businessman myself, I have obtained a few good loans for my companies, and I did good deals most of the time. The theory is simple: you get some money, pay interests, buy or build what you have to, and then make more money. Really, it is like going to gamble one night at a casino in Las Vegas.

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