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Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (III).

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If things fail, your company will suffer and perhaps you will even have to sell it if all else fails. Nobody loses, except you as a businessperson. What you lose is your reputation and the value of your stocks. That's the trick in business: entrepreneurs run higher risks and get higher rewards.

But you can't do that with physical persons, and so, debts destroy lives, but don't destroy companies. Thus, loans are actually harmful for people, sometimes.

One thing is a company which, even yours and even if it goes bankrupt, is an entity legally separated from you, and quite another is to live on loans for your own personal or familiar consumption.

If you go bankrupt, you lose your reputation, but you also lose time, the time of your life that you will never recover. Companies can feel more comfortable about that because they may not be so short-lived as we humans. Even if things go bad now, a corporation may improve its situation in five or ten years. Perhaps in two decades it will become a leader in the world markets.

See: if you create a company, in its articles of incorporation you may give it 'perpetual life' (ask your lawyer). You can't give a biological newborn anything like that!

What are ten years for a corporation? What are ten years for a human being?

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