Don Pablo Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (V).

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That one thing is fair and the other is not; that you may be right and Mr. Ben Laden may be wrong are just assumptions. You would just be supposing things if you try to explain the world like that. Let's see: a few hundred million Muslims think that Mr. Ben Laden is a hero. See?

In politics you don't need reasons: excuses will do nicely for manipulating, distorting, convincing and creating assumptions.

And who is entitled to say what is wrong and what is right? Did God come down to Earth to say all of us that our market economy is a blessed idea? Hardly; it might be materially good, but it leaves a lot of questions to be answered.

In other words, this behaviour leads to a vicious circle with no end in sight. The solution: restate the values of the global economy.

One of the vulnerabilities that must be corrected is the lack of a strong ideology in direct opposition to capitalism right now. Since the fall of communism and the Soviet Union, the United States of America has remained as the only superpower in the world, good or bad, and that is intrinsically bad, for with no checks, even the best of ideas goes wrong sooner or later.

In fact, one could say that the U.S poises now a great danger to our culture and even for itself not for its misdeeds but for its achievements. It badly needs a rival, and that rival is another superpower with a competing ideology updated for the coming times.

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