P. Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (VI).

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What happened in Argentina may be a simple financial mistake, or may be the proof that the world needs some revamping.

A competing 'ideology' is indeed Islam, but Islam is a religion, and not a political movement. Furthermore, as any religion, it is related to culture and there are many cultures which simply would not embrace Islam.

Thus, despite Islam's good or bad things, nobody can seriously expect it to really challenge capitalism in other realms except the spiritual one. In fact, what is needed is a political and economic doctrine, and not a religion, to share, well, domination of the world.

What force should that be is, I think, open to a huge debate, but in my opinion I would start opening again some books on communism, for while that ideology may be thought as obsolete and thought proven as the ultimate utopia, with some refurbishing it might still yield some good results.

The problem with communism was, like might be happening now with capitalism, that its inflexibility led to abuses which increased over time, aside from its philosophical shortcomings.

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