Don Pablo Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (VII).

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But let's see the matter from a very capitalist point of view: it is like an existent old brand with a lot of potential customers and many would be venture capitalists willing to embrace it as its own: for example, the Chinese would be very happy with some more support for their regime, then we have many Russians and even the nearly eight hundred million Latin Americans that no matter what, cannot come to grips with capitalism '-la-U.S.A.'

Don't get me wrong: I am not talking about new nuclear submarins, gulag, guerrilla warfare and such things, but about a neo-communism based on what was right about communism and what is right about capitalism, for the honeymoon with this global market is, I think, coming to an end.

Countries such as Norway and Israel have combined in the recent past some of such ideas, and nobody can't really say that things are not good for them in this department. In fact, Norwegian citizens enjoy a consistently better living standard than inhabitants of such mighty powers such as Japan, the U.S and the European Union.

Some may object to the fact that just two countries cannot be taken as proof enough of the good side of a proposed neo-communist political and economic doctrine. Maybe so, but the U.S. has been taken for long as the only proof that capitalism works, as the only model, and is now considered to be as the only reference in many matters.

So, reality proves that even two are better than one, and so the case of Norway and Israel, and in fact we can also include some other Scandinavian countries provide a stronger case than that of the U.S. as the role-model of what is better for mankind.

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