P. Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (VIII).

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And if this is not enough, consider the case of many countries such as Indonesia, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela, which have not benefited after the application of pure capitalism, and if you think they have not, just check the facts: Argentina, during the 1990s was considered to be the best case, almost the pet project of the International Monetary Fund and neo-liberalism. Just read this.

Do you think that those folks would again try the taste of neo-liberalism? Don't take my word for granted: just read the facts.

Another of the notions that should be thought over again is our concept of poverty and development.

The belief that running huge debts is a thing of the Third World is mistaken: first of all, because Argentina cannot be considered to be an 'underdeveloped' country. This is a simplistic way to understand things.

If you have never been there, you should plan for a visit: the country is vast, underpopulated, rich in resources, with an educated population, and even sports high-tech industries such as robotics, aircraft, missiles, nuclear reactors (they actually build and sell them), satellites, etc.

Women got their voting rights and legal equality with men in Argentina during the decade of 1940, just as civilised Europe, Japan and the U.S were liberally killing themselves. Remember England in the seventies? Women earned 30% less for the same jobs that did men, didn't they?

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