P. Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (XI).

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Why do I insist on this? Because if we don't look at our problems as what they are, we will never solve them, but create new ones. The problem is that our world is full of assumptions, and now that we insist on the development of a global economy, we are making even more assumptions.

What real reason lies behind our belief regarding the Western social and political system? How many nations have actually reached a 'level of development' according to those of Europe or the U.S using recipes such as those of the IMF or similar organisations?

I think that none at all, in more than fifty years, but even if there are some, they are indeed a handful and irrelevant as cultural, political or economic icons.

So, from here we can extract two thoughts: first, that this whole system of finance for governments of the 'Third World' has not worked at all, leaving anyone wondering why then it survived for so long, since the outcome of the WWII, and that can be explained buy the simple rule of created interests and lobbies related to international politics.

The second, that such a system leaves no one happy: the taxpayers in the 'developed world' waste their money, the people of the 'third world' receive nothing, and no country has been blessed with such level of pristine sanctity as to reach the heights of perfection of the G-7 countries, so we should start wondering what is all this about.

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