Don Pablo Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (XIII).

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Latin Americans have evolved their own sub-culture. They are physically more similar to Europeans than Asians are, and so an Argentinean or Chilean tourist walking in London may pass as a Frenchman, but this is deceptive, for similarities end there.

For example, the whole vision that they have of themselves and their sub-continent is diametrically opposed to that of most Europeans and the European Union as a political and cultural entity.

For once, Latin Americans speak a common language, which is Spanish, and the portuguese (which they thing is nicer than the variant of Portugal itself), is really quite similar to Spanish. Europe, on the other hand, is fragmented, and if a common language exists there, which is English, is because of other causes.

Then, Latin Americans have common history, common institutions and many common things in their folklore. There have been massive migratory movements at time between those countries, and thus, the population is in many cases mixed.

In brief, while there are differences between these nations, there are also many similarities and common views. In fact, two of the most prominent figures of the wars for independence, during the early nineteenth century, Gen. Simón Bolívar and Gen. José de San Martín, even talked about the formation of a common state for all South American countries, and this idea still persists.

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