Don Pablo Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (XXI).

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Or would you think that U.S or Spanish investors (the countries with the highest proportion of investments in Argentina) would not be able to lobby in Buenos Aires?

Thus, think indeed that Argentina has been incompetent enough as not to be able to get her act together, but think again because if when a corporation fails shareholders take the blame and losses, then it would be logically unadvisable to put all the blame on the government in Buenos Aires, Argentineans or Latin Americans.

They all do deserve some patronising, but if public opinion limits itself to that, blaming that all these things are the result of 'Third World' standards we would be missing the point and letting those who share 65% of the economic blame there, pure an simple, start over again there or somewhere else.

So much for assumptions.

Nothing sophisticated is needed, really. Simple things lead to elegant solutions, and that leads to less failures.

All we need is just a different perspective: even the Bible speaks about savings. Saving money is good, spending what is not yours may be nice, but is not necessarily good. Under some circumstances, it might get you things quicker, but savings are always better than loans, so save money!

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