Don Pablo Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (XXII).

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Make saving money your vice and virtue, for in such a way you will get accustomed to think positively about the future. Loans seem to be good only for commercial companies and corporations. In the realm of individuals and political entities, they seem to produce collateral damage at a grand scale.

As I just proved to you using common sense that blaming such disasters on allegedly backwater political systems is nonsensical, so talk to your pillow this night, because there is no way in which, given the present circumstances and characteristics of financial markets, you can really know what is happening with your money, your retirement plans and similar things.

So, let's see: suppose that you have a young daughter who is about to go to college, and somehow you have to pay for it.

What would happen if you get a loan for that?

1)- You have to pay interests from the moment you get the loan. Can you predict the future? Would you bet your daughter's future and your financial health for a system that has done what happened in Buenos Aires?

2)- You increase your risks. What would happen if she changes her mind? What if she marries before finishing college? Aren't you even a prisoner of hormones here?

3)- You may immobilise yourself with financial obligations. Would you be able to travel to Hawaii meanwhile? Would you be able to confront unforeseen circumstances?

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