Don Pablo Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (XXIII).

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Too many unanswered questions. We assume that nothing would happen just like nobody thought that the WTC in New York would disappear. The world is getting more complex, more convoluted, more violent and more labile for manipulation, both politically as well as financially.

This is not another conspiracy theory. There is no conspiracy here. It is just that the vulnerability and shortcomings of a way of life based on assumptions for the future that cannot be really predicted can be used to the advantage of highly speculative individuals and groups to everyone's detriment, they don't need to be related to each other; it is just that such an environment as what we have created favours such conducts.

But what would happen if you saved money for such an occasion?

4)- You profit from the interest rate that may apply to your savings. Even if the future worsens, you still have the money.

5)- No risk is involved. If your daughter changes her mind, gets pregnant or visits Kathmandu and stays, you are not left with a debt.

6)- You are not immobilised. You may go on doing other things, nobody will ask, and you will not have to pay each month. The result is that you will be eventually able to visit Hawaii, if you want (try Maui, it is lovely indeed).

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