Don Pablo Edronkin

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (XXIV).

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Easier and simpler: save money and forget the woes of loans. The same goes for a house, and if you pretend to excuse yourself from that thought, consider that it is against common sense that nowadays, with increased technology and knowledge, we are unable to do what humans did for generations, which is to build their houses with not so many hassles. Not even my parents needed a loan to buy the mansion where they live.

The pyramids were built without bonds. Yes, societies were more primitive then, but progress means to find new ways to do better things better, and not just fashionable ways to recreate old blunders, for debts continue to be as bad now as then.

If we can't do what a thirteen century peasant in Scotland, or an Inca in Peru did, which is to build houses, plain and simple, can we really pretend that we are more advanced? I am afraid that up to now, we can only assume that.

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