P. Edronkin

Extremes Do Touch Themselves (II).

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This should turn on a yellow light, for while confrontations may be sometimes unavoidable, it must be stressed that except for the attack on Afghanistan, none of these wars took place as a direct consequence of an attack on the soil of any western nation.

In other words, these wars were interventions, and not self-defence, pure and simple. Sustaining that in such ways 'national interests' are protected seems are dubious at best, for no interests should be present outside the borders of a nation without risking being accused of interventionism.

In fact, the number of military interventions that the Western Alliance enforced during the last decade of the twentieth century is similar or even higher than the total number of interventions made by nations of the Warsaw Pact during similar periods.

Indeed, living conditions and other standards cannot be compared in both regimes (but if you were an African-American living in the U.S during the 1950s, well...), but in matters of foreign policy and immigration issues extremes do seem to touch, and the reason is simple: since 1990 no serious opposition was found by the western Alliance. No serious questioning of the cultural, political and social values of their member societies has taken place.

Such dynamics led to a marked decrease of awareness regarding certain values all thorough history: for example, since the French believed that after WWI the Germans would not become dangerous again, the strategy and tactics of the French armed forces did not evolve, and in 1940 they were defeated by a German Army which was four times smaller than the French.

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