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Extremes Do Touch Themselves (III).

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Similarly, western values of democracy, equality and liberty may be under a decremental process right now. The remarkable increase in military interventionism, the renewed popularity of right-wing political parties in Europe, and the creation of tight immigration rules could be indicators that social, moral and political conditions may be worsening.

Indeed, they are not as bad as they were in the Eastern Block, but there is no guarantee that the present conditions will not get even worse. In fact, there are some indicators pointing to the contrary: no serious doctrinal rival has evolved and thus, no opposition is present or possible at this moment, and second, history tells us that on every occasion in which similar processes took place, the situation did not improve until some event led to the formation of a strong opposition.

Czar Nicholas II received strong recommendations and advice regarding the need for social changes as early as 1904. He did not pay the attention and eventually, the revolution of 1917 ended his reign.

The French government, despite many warnings coming from various sources, including political refugees from Germany, did not change its policies towards Hitler, until the war finally broke out in 1939.

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