P. Edronkin

Extremes Do Touch Themselves (IV).

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A shift on environmental policies made by the administration of President Bush in the United States, after the year 2001 led to the rejection of the Kyoto protocol and the furtherance of unilateral international commerce policies.

A violent change on international politics, from the U.S, G-7 and European Union had a lot to do with the debacle of Argentina during the same period, as people like Jeffrey Sachs, Michel Camdessus, Vito Tanzi and Joseph Stiglitz state.

Let's remember that these are two Nobel Prize for economics winners, a former International Monetary Fund Director and a famous Harvard University professor. Just read the corresponding bibliography if you don't believe me.

While it may be too early to define this clearly as an evolution to right-wing extremism, such events are worth of attention and the urgent need for the creation or re-creation of an opposition doctrine must be stressed, because the Western Alliance of the new millenium may prove to be too similar to the Warsaw Pact after all.

So, one day, someone may begin to think that given the fact that extremes do touch and those who were the champions of liberty are now becoming increasingly authoritarian, why not recreate and improve the system that actually was authoritarian and turn into a morel liberal one, fighting the new aspiring tyrants?

Moreover, evidence tends to suggest that the United States, a nation self-apponinted as a champion of democracy, has stimulated revolutions, assasinations and violations of human rights in a way that suggests systematic action around the world and in a number of diverse contextes, facts that suggest that in the recent history of that country, genocide as defined by international law has been adopted as an 'acceptable' policy if and when it is 'only' used outside its borders.

No wonder then that there are so many individuals willing to commit all kinds of terrorist attacks against the United States; its leaders and people should understand that the best way to avoid terrorist attacks is ultimately not to pester others to such a degree.

Since it is very unlikely tthat given the interest in terms of power that now exist among modern 'developed' societies Neo-Communism may soon became a reality, after all, and there is quite an audience out there: Russia, China and especially, Latin America.

How many do you think that will embrace the idea? I will be glad to listen to your views.

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