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Getting Over Shyness (I).

By Kevin Nunley.

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Most people admit they are at least a little bit shy, especially when it comes to selling.

The most important element in getting over shyness is not caring what others think about you. Often, people that are shy are afraid to take risks because they don't want to be rejected by someone else.

If you never take any chances, how will you ever build a relationship with anyone? Don't worry about what others think of you.

As Ann Landers has pointed out for years, most folks are too worried about themselves to worry about you. It is more important how you feel about yourself.

Try doing something that gets you around people, even though you don't want to be. The more time you spend around people, the less shy you will become. Start out by being around people who think like you.

You will feel more comfortable if you are with those you can relate to. Later, you can gradually become comfortable with all kinds of people.

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