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Come Off Well In Interviews (I).

By Kevin Nunley.

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An interview is really marketing yourself. During an interview, everything is important. The way you look, act, and talk can all determine whether you get the job. Here are a few basic tips that can help you do your best in an interview.

Make sure that you are on time! If you aren't on time for your interview, how will you meet your deadlines on the job? Being on time makes an impression on your prospective employer even before you begin the interview.

It is important to look professional. Dress in business clothes and make sure that you're well groomed. Besides being on time, your appearance makes a strong first impression You might ruin your chances of getting the job by dressing too casually.

Remember to bring samples of your work in a portfolio. In addition, carry a file folder filled with other things you might need: copies of your resume, letters of recommendation, reprints of things you have written, and additional samples of your work. It is good to have this items ready in case the interviewer wishes to see them.

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