P. Edronkin

Climbing mountains and self-help (I).

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Have you ever climbed a mountain?

Climbing mountains is not just a sport, and is not just about running into risks. It's a way of life and the origin of valuable life-long lessons.

Certainly, you can go uphill in such a mood as to kill yourself, but I am not talking now about subtle suicidal tendencies but regarding the good and natural side of mountaineering as a motivation and self-help tool.

Mountain climbing is a bargain: not only you attain a great physical condition but since it involves surmounting obstacles, surviving dangers and conquering your fears, it helps you become a new person after a while.

Climbing gives you a different perspective on life, and I am not just saying that being a couple of metres above the sea-level gives you a terrific view, but on your personal outlook: you know that you can get hurt but only if you are sloppy, if you make mistakes, or if you are an imprudent, and the important thing is that the same rule applies to your entire life as well.

'Extreme sports' such as climbing, ski-diving, skiing and others are not as risky as the image conveyed by movies, the media, and popular imagination.

In fact, good climbers, ski-divers and other such people enjoy safer lives than many citadine commuters do, and numbers don't lie.

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