P. Edronkin

Climbing mountains and self-help (III).

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Mountaineering teaches you to be resourceful, rational, meticulous, and above all, persistent. It makes you look on common things with a different perspective as well: for example, even the most ordinary biscuit or candy becomes a sumptuous meal in a peak, so you also learn to appreciate things that we usually take for granted.

Who would care for a candy? Well... not many in the so-called civilised world, but for many around the world, such small things are really big issues and concerns.

Most people in the world don't live well; that's a fact, and that's how life is. We are really fortunate: I can write this on my computer while you can read it on your screen. We belong to those who are relatively well.

Learning to appreciate that fact without guilt or fear is - plainly stated - a healthy thing, and that is what climbing, trekking and similar activities can ultimately teach you.

This is also the mix of characteristics, thoughts and perspectives that you need to achieve your goals - any goals. You know, most millionaires are people who know very well how to save and keep their money. They are the opposite of what our stereotypes are telling us. Just try to find a group of characteristics common to most rich individuals and you will see what I mean.

You don't need to have a PhD in order to be successful. You don't need to have a lot of money in order to make a good business. You don't need to be successful before being successful.

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