Don Pablo Edronkin

Climbing mountains and self-help (IV).

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So if you don't need to be before actually being, then such a state of things is in fact attainable.

Certainly it helps if you like to study or to be born in a wealthy environment, but we are all born as ignorant, illiterate and defenceless humans.

You are where you are because of you and only you, as much as you stand on top of a glacier or rock because of you own efforts when you are climbing.

Even if you area sure that your enemies put you in prison, think that it was you made a bad thing and got caught. Don't do the same, and you will not have to expect the same. You can change whatever you want to change, even yourself.

Sometimes that might be difficult, but there is no rule stating that it would be impossible to change yourself.

Remember: you were born defenceless and ignorant, but you should not depend on sheer luck and odds for the rest of your life. Now you are reading this on your computer. That means that you learned to read and have a life. So, you have already changed and you can change again!

If you persist in the end you get what you are looking for. Just learn from people like Mr. Abraham Lincoln, who had a terrible life as a politician before actually becoming the man who not only set free millions, but who became a symbol even beyond the borders of his country.

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